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Our dental clinic knows you may have a few questions about our fee structure, so please browse through the information below and don’t hesitate to call us with any questions.

Do I have to pay at my appointment?

Yes, our office is pay-as-you-go. We do not offer any payment plans.

What are your fees?

We follow The British Columbia Dental Association (BCDA) fees. The BCDA produces an annual suggested fee guide for dentists in B.C. A copy is provided at most public libraries or an abbreviated copy can be downloaded from the BCDA website.

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Note: This guide is intended to provide British Columbians with some information on common dental procedure codes and the suggested fee guide. This is intended for reference only and may not reflect the specifics of your treatment and associated costs.

Important Notes

Please be aware of the following notes, including:

  • Fees outlined are suggested only. Dentists determine their own treatment fees for the services they provide.

  • Costs vary. Cost of dental treatment varies by dental practice, location, and the individual needs of the patient. Lab costs can also vary and may be required for treatment.

  • Procedures may require multiple codes. The complete 2019 BCDA suggested fee guide (available at public libraries) contains over 1,400 codes representing a wide range of dental procedures for the prevention and treatment of oral disease. Your treatment plan may include one or several codes outlined in the suggested fee guide.

How much is a cleaning?

Using the British Columbia Dental Association fee guide for the current year (link above), an example of a typical recall appointment (existing patients) is the exam (01202), 2 bitewings (02142), 2 units of scaling (11112), polish (11101), and fluoride (12101). This may vary depending on the amount of tartar buildup and the amount of time to remove it.

How much is a gold crown?

There are many types of crown materials but a gold crown using the British Columbia Dental Association fee guide for the current year (link above) is cast metal (27301) + Lab. We use a local dental lab and their fee for 2019 is estimated at $284.00.

How much are false teeth?

There are many types of dentures but a standard denture made after extractions and healing using the British Columbia Dental Association fee guide for the current year (link above) is an upper (51101) + Lab. We use a local dental lab and their fee for 2019 is estimated at $491.00 or a lower (51102) + Lab is estimated at $491.00.

How much is an extraction?

Before an extraction can be done, the dentist will need to do an examination, and take an X-ray of your tooth. Extractions can vary in cost, depending on if it is a simple extraction or a complicated extraction. (See the BCDA fee guide.) If a dental infection/swelling is the reason for the extraction, the extraction may not be able to be done the same day. The dentist might prescribe antibiotics first, to settle the infection, before the extraction can be done.

Will you bill my dental insurance?

Yes, as a courtesy to our patients, we direct bill your insurance. Ultimately it is the patient’s responsibility to pay for anything not covered. We are a third party. Your insurance is a contract between you, your employer, and the insurance company. Most insurance companies will not provide us with details of your plan, so it is your responsibility to provide us with the information and changes to your plan. Here is the patient insurance form that will provide us with the basic dental information we need to bill your insurance.

Will you send dental predeterminations to my dental insurance?

Yes, we will assist you in providing your insurance carrier with a treatment plan for services over $500. Most dental plans will only provide the patient with their decision. If you bring us a copy, then we can provide you with a good estimate of what is covered by your plan before the treatment starts.

How do I understand more about my dental benefits?

Your dental plan coverage is part of your benefits plan, not based on your (or your family’s) dental care needs. Every plan is different. Coverage varies based on what services are covered in the contract; percentage of fees covered for each service; and yearly maximums. It is the plan purchaser, such as your union or employer, who determines what is covered when they purchase your plan—not your dentist.

Most standard plans cover:

  • Basic and preventative services. This includes examinations, radiographs, basic restorations, root canals, periodontal cleaning, maintenance of dentures, and extractions.

  • Major restorative procedures, such as crowns, onlays, veneers, bridgework, and dentures.

  • Ortho covers services related to orthodontics (the treatment used to straighten teeth and align the bite).

Please note: This information is based on a standard plan. Dental plans have many non-standard plans. For more information, refer to your employee benefit brochure or contact your insurance provider.

Do you accept patients on The Ministry of Social Development?

Yes and we will direct bill all basic services to the Ministry of Social Development. If there are any limits reached or items not covered by this plan, we will advise you in advance.

Do you accept First Nations patients?

Yes and we will direct bill all basic services to the Non-Insured Health Benefits. If there are any limits reached or items not covered by this plan, we will advise you in advance.

Is there anything I can do to limit the cost of dental care?

Regardless of the fees charged for specific procedures, regular preventative dental hygiene cleaning is still the best way to maintain good dental health in the long run. Patients can reduce their hygiene appointment costs by practicing good dental health habits at home by:

  • Brushing and flossing daily

  • Limiting sugary drinks and snacks

  • Not smoking

It is important to diagnose problems before they become more complex and costly. The cost of prevention is always less than the cost of neglect.

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